Out Women in Business

Friday, March 15, 2019

Out Women in Business is a focused effort to bring the lesbian, bisexual and transgender community together to form a strong, visible network of professionals that will inspire future generations of LBTQ women to enter business professions.

Who is THe Conference For?

Out Women in Business Conference is created for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in all phases of their careers across all industries 

Last year's conference saw over 300 LBTQ women from a wide range of industries including finance, marketing, non-profit, startup, tech and management consulting. 

  • 72.4% professionals from 53 different companies

  • 27.6% students (grad & undergrad) from 17 schools

  • Average years work experience: 7

Top industries represented:

  • Banking

  • Consulting

  • Technology

  • Social Impact

  • Media

  • Marketing & Retail

  • Health Care

If you would like information on how your company can be involved beyond sending its out women, please email us at info@outwomeninbusiness.com

Panel from the inaugural 2015 Queer Women in Business Conference (now known as Out Women in Business)