2017 CONFERENCE Agenda

A 2018 agenda will be released in early 2018.

Friday, March 31

  • 8:30am: Doors Open
  • 9:00am: Welcome & Day Overview
  • 9:10am: OWIB Perspectives 1:  Life as a Trans Woman in the Workplace
  • 9:20am: Did They Really Just Say That?
  • 10:05am: OWIB Perspectives 2: Branding Yourself as an Out Woman
  • 10:15am: Networking: One-on-One
  • 11:00am: Signals from the Edge: Diversity at the Speed of Culture 
  • 11:30pm:  Morning Keynote: Geena Rocero
  • 12:30pm: Lunch Break (Pick 1 of 3 Venues!)


  • 1:30pm: Networking: The Ripple Effect
  • 2:15pm: Welcome Back & Afternoon Overview
  • 2:25pm: OWIB Perspectives 3: The New Supermodels
  • 2:35pm: OWIB Perspectives 4: Mira Patel
  • 2:45pm:  Generations of LBTQs
  • 3:35pm: Afternoon Keynote: Nneka Onuorah
  • 5:00pm:  Offsite Reception at Lazy Point
    310 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

Saturday, April 1st

OWIB Mentor & Community Project with SCAN NYC 

We are looking for 5-6 LBTQ professionals who would like to join us for an intimate Q&A session with 15-20 at-risk youth from the program ranging in age from pre-teen through high school. This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to share your stories, provide advice and answer any questions they may have as they navigate life.

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Sara McCook at  sara@brandyourcake.com.

Session DescriptionS

OWIB Perspectives
Throughout the day

Consider these the energy boosters for your day. Learn what LBT women can do to advance in the workplace and society in a series of fast-paced presentations. From sharing first hand experiences to highlighting trailblazers, these perspectives will leave you inspired and ready to take the next step in your career. 

Did They Really Just Say That?

What are microaggressions? How do we identify our participation in them? And what avenues are available as we experience these actions in the workplace? Join us for a mini-workshop to address these actions as members of the LBT community.

Networking: One-on-One

The purpose of OWIB content is to bring together LBTQ women and their allies to build a visible and supportive community for both students and professionals - but you can't do that without meeting new people. This structured networking session will connect attendees in lightning networking style one-on-ones.

Signals from the Edge: Diversity at the Speed of Culture

Signals from both "fast" and "slow" culture provide us with many clues about the state of belonging, the future of diversity and the moral imperative for inclusiveness. Improving our ability to tune into emerging trends, mapping data and interpreting patterns and opportunities will equip us to better navigate our careers as LBTQ women and guide our organizations towards truly practicing diversity and inclusion beyond the hiring statistics. Join Jennifer Brown, Author of  Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace, and the Will to Change, and Kendra Clarke, Cultural Strategist at Sparks and Honey for a fast-paced, real-time analysis of current conversations in social media, research and policy about sexuality, gender intelligence and norms. The take-aways will provide large and small brands with a roadmap of opportunities to evolve and get real about inclusion and diversity.

Networking: The Ripple Effect

Do you enjoy conferences but find it hard to apply the lessons learned? This interactive workshop is your chance to take the OWIB conference past March 31. As a participant, you will develop 3 actions you can take to continue your development as well as share the message of inclusion with others.

Generations of LBTQs

A fireside conversation with a group of LBTQ women spanning generations Boomer through Z with at a variety intersections. The group will discuss their views on what it means to be an out woman in business, how understandings of gender roles in the workplace have changed over time, and their hopes moving forward.